Commercial Projects – Problem Solved

Fern’s Country Store, Carlisle, MA
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Fern’s Country Store has been around since the late 1800s, and is the only store in this small town. With visions of making this store a meeting place for local residents the owners wanted to expand the venture to the neighboring former commercial garage, connecting the two buildings with a small addition. The increased retail space would allow for an expanded grocery area, a new sales area for beer and wine, and seating for customers to sip coffee, enjoy a muffin, or indulge in a deli sandwich.

However, the property’s well could not supply enough water to support the expanded usage. By changing the appliances and fixtures in the upstairs apartment to low flow fixtures and replacing the flushing toilet in the store with a Clivus composting system, Fern’s was able to lower its water consumption to even less than what it was prior to the expansion.

Architect for addition:
Sutphin Architects, Somerville, MA
Stamski & McNary, Acton, MA