Commercial Projects – Green Building

The Trustees of Reservations Doyle Conservation Center, Leominster, MA
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The Trustees of Reservations planned to expand their headquarters at the Doyle Conservation Center in Leominster, MA. Their vision was to construct a 14,000-square-foot “green” building to house office space for 38 staff members, incorporating a conference and auditorium facility for 125 people. However, they were faced with a local sewer moratorium which prohibited the construction of the new facility, and they needed to incorporate green building technologies to achieve the LEED Gold Award from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Clivus New England was able to solve both challenges. By incorporating a Clivus composting waste treatment system and foam-flush toilets the building was able to meet the USGBC standard for water conservation. The Trustees were able to reduce their overall fresh water usage and drastically reduce their wastewater discharge which allowed them to comply with the moratorium restrictions. The Doyle Conservation Center was built and has been awarded the USGBC Gold standard.

HKT Architects, Inc., Somerville, MA
Beals & Thomas, Inc., Southborough, MA
Dan Gair of Blind Dog Photo, Inc.