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Maine Huts and Trails
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The Maine Huts and Trails organization has a grand plan to open 12 “green huts” along its 180-mile trail system. Built to accommodate 40 overnight guests and staff plus numerous daytime visitors, the lodges are and will be, designed to create minimal impact to the natural landscape and to protect the environment from polluting discharge.

Tobique Log Homes has incorporated Clivus composting systems and Nepon Foam-Flush toilets into their architectural plans to eliminate sewage, dramatically reduce wastewater flows, and allow a higher quality effluent to be discharged to a reduced-sized soil absorption system. Presently, the Poplar Stream Falls, Flagstaff Lake, and Grand Falls Huts are open to guests with 9 more huts planned for the future.

New Balance; L.L. Bean; Leon and Lisa Gorman
Tobique Log Homes

Brook’s School., North Andover, MA