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Erving State Forest, Erving, MA
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Campers at the Laurel Lake Recreation Area and Campground located in Erving State Forest will find a refreshing change!  The decades-old, pit-privy toilets have been replaced with modern Clivus restrooms.

In keeping with its mission statement to conserve and preserve, MA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation had three self-contained composting toilet systems installed at this recreation area.  The new toilets use no water, are solar powered, release no pollutants, and are hygienic and odor-free.  Composting material is reduced in volume by over 90% to become a pathogen-free, reusable soil product.  Campers and visitors can now “conservate”  while they “recreate!”

Erving State Forest in Erving, MA joins dozens of other Massachusetts State Parks in utilizing Clivus technologies.