University of Vermont, Burlington, VT (UVM)
University Heights Student Residential Learning Complex
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University Heights Student Residential Learning Complex is a green learning and housing center. Incorporated within the complex are classrooms, a student lounge, student union center, mailroom, and faculty offices. The University of Vermont aspires to protect the environment and educate students and visitors about preservation through the various sustainable technologies used in the construction of the complex.

In an effort to integrate the technology into the educational curriculum the Clivus composting waste treatment system is installed in a location that is visible and accessible to all visitors and students to learn about conservation and preservation at work.

Each semester there is an educational seminar with Clivus staff, UVM faculty, and students to discuss the water savings, land preservation, and pollution elimination provided by the Clivus and Nepon toilets. Students learn firsthand that the foam-flush toilets use up to 97% less water than traditional water flushing toilets, solid waste in the composting system is reduced by 95% and emits just water and carbon dioxide, liquids from the composter are treated to become a higher quality, non-polluting discharge, and remaining wastewater from sinks and showers can be sent to much smaller soil absorption systems.

The complex has received the US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (USGBC LEED) rating of Gold.

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas Architecture, Norfolk, VA
Ove Arup & Partners, Cambridge, MA