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Concord Country Club, Concord, MA
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Concord Country Club is a private club established in 1895 and is home to a historic 18-hole golf course designed by renowned golf architect Donald J. Ross. The trustees wanted to provide an on-course comfort station for its members, but porta-potties would look out of place in these distinguished environs. The course sits in an environmentally-sensitive, unsewered area, and a septic system would create too much site disturbance and course damage.

The country club built a beautiful small building nestled in the trees off a fairway and incorporated a Clivus composting waste treatment system by utilizing the natural topography to provide outside access to the basement for easy maintenance. The porcelain Nepon foam-flush toilets create an inviting atmosphere in the restrooms. Polluting discharge has been eliminated, the surrounding environment is protected, and course disruption was limited to the footprint of the building which eliminated added repair costs.