Library Projects

Brownell Library, Little Compton, RI

Since its construction in the 1800s, Brownell Library in Little Compton, RI, had never had a restroom. Employees and visitors would walk to neighboring businesses when the “need” arose. Since there was no sewer in the area any plans to add a restroom would include a full size septic system. The library’s property was much too small for the system and acquiring the adjacent lot for waste disposal would have been a poor use of resources.

At the suggestion of their architect, the library Board chose to install a Clivus composting system and greywater filter. Since no solid waste or blackwater is discharged from the system, no excavating was necessary for a septic tank and leach field. Site disturbance was minimized to the small 3′ × 8′ shallow greywater bed that collects and treats waste water from the hand-washing sink and janitorial basin.

Peter Roudebush & Associates, Inc.,
Cambridge, MA
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.