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Spectacle Island Visitor Center & Ferry Terminal
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Spectacle Island is the gem of the Boston Harbor Islands chain. A former “brown field” for the “Big Dig,” the 105-acre island is home to scenic vistas, picnic areas, walking trails, and a public beach. The ferry terminal houses an educational visitor center with public restrooms, a historical museum, a gift shop, a concession stand, and a year-round caretaker’s apartment. The ADA-accessible docking area is designed to handle several hundred visitors at a time.

The Commonwealth wanted to create a sustainable island recreation area out of this old city landfill. A traditional waste treatment system was not feasible due to its location and soil conditions. By incorporating foam-flush toilets on Clivus waste treatment and greywater systems sewage is eliminated, greywater is sent to a soil absorption bed that is part of the natural landscape, and water usage is drastically reduced.

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