Ninigret Park 2016 playground upgrades

Over the past few years the town of Charlestown, RI, has been making capital improvements to Ninigret Park to promote the importance of outdoor activity.  The 227-acre facility is home to several soccer and athletic fields, tennis courts, a nature center, a bike path and racing circuit, playgrounds, a sky observatory, a large dog park, and a disc golf course.  

In 2015 the town added a picnic pavilion and 4 Clivus composting restroom units.  As recently as last week 2 more Clivus C-11 self-contained restrooms were installed at the George Biven’s Playground across from the sky observatory, replacing the lone portable chemical toilet.  Hundreds of daily visitors now have access to 6 personal facilities throughout the park: 1 at the dog park, 3 at the soccer fields, and now 2 at the playground.

All of the restroom systems are self-contained and zero-discharge, and are protecting this fragile environment from damaging nitrogen. Printable case study