Meadow Brook Golf Club Scores a Hole In One!

Meadow Brook Golf Club has been operating for over 125 years.  Families, golf leagues, and especially the ladies received a huge win this past spring…an on-course restroom!  No more trekking back to the clubhouse mid round!  The Clivus C-11 Trailhead restroom building is self contained, completely waterless, solar

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Wollaston Golf Club offers Clivus composting toilets

Over the summer Wollaston Golf Club opened two new on-course comfort stations, much to the pleasure of its members.  The upscale restrooms were made possible with help from Clivus New England.  By using our composting technology the club avoided fairway-damaging septic systems and sewer hookups.  Hand sanitizer dispensers

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Point Judith Country Club’s new restroom is right on par!

Point Judith Country club in Narragansett, RI was in search of an environmentally friendly restroom solution to accommodate their members while out on the golf course.  Clivus New England furnished a C-11 Trailhead unit that requires minimal site disturbance and yields zero waste product discharge to protect this

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