WRWA: Protecting the Westport Watershed

Since 1976 Westport River Watershed Alliance (WRWA) has been committed to the preservation and protection of the Westport Watershed and the coastal environment shared by its surrounding communities in MA and RI. Upon acquiring the historic Head Garage as its intended headquarters and education center, WRWA knew that necessary renovations must include sustainable technologies, especially for waste treatment.

The installed Clivus composting system greatly reduces water usage and wastewater production, retains all solid pollutants that would normally be sent to the septic tank, and discharges a high-quality effluent to the reduced-sized soil absorption system. Implementing Clivus technology in an educational setting allows the public to learn about and actively practice what the Alliance has been teaching for decades.

The WRWA is the second location in Westport to utilize composting toilet systems.  The three large bathhouses at Horseneck Beach State Reservation have had Clivus systems since 2008, and have accommodated close to 12,000,000 visitors to date.

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