Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Concord, NH

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF) renovated its headquarters to include an 11,400-square-foot green addition to house 23 private offices and a 391-square-foot conference room. The expansion called for a 1,600 gallon-per-day conventional septic system but the SPNHF wanted to protect the environmentally sensitive hilltop area that is adjacent to the Merrimack River and minimize excavation.

Architects and engineers specified a Clivus compositing system and greywater filtering system. All solid waste is treated and contained in the composter. Greywater from sinks and showers is filtered and dispersed to an indoor atrium where it is treated in the soils of the planter beds and feeds the ornamental plants. Sewage is eliminated, wastewater flows are drastically reduced, and indoor air quality is much improved.

The addition, named the French Wing, achieved the US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (USGBC LEED) rating of Gold. At the time of the award the French Wing was one of only 44 LEED projects nationwide, and one of only 12 to achieve Gold.   printable case study

Architect: Banwell Architects, Lebanon, NH
Engineering: Beaver Brook Environmental Consultants, LLC, Bow, NH
Builder: Bruss Construction, Bradford, NH