Old Saybrook Parks add sustainable amenities

After polling the residents of Old Saybrook and finding they wanted sustainable amenities at their parks, the Town applied for and received funds from the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP). The STEAP grant was used to install Clivus composting toilet systems in two town parks: Clark Community Park at the playing fields and playground, and Main Street Park at the pickleball courts. The custom-painted buildings were installed and ready to use in just one day!

Without the worry of having to scout down a “loo”, players, spectators, and parents and children on the playgrounds will benefit from extended outdoor exposure and fresh air activity. Like other towns that have improved their “comfort” facilities, Old Saybrook realizes that when visitors can linger longer, they are also more likely to spend more time and money in the town’s commercial areas.

Other Clivus installations include Farmington Canal Heritage Rail Trail, Gillette Castle, Essex Main Street Park.  See also Grant Funded projects.