Hermit Island Campground Practices Pollution-free Preservation

Hermit Island Campground in Phippsburg, ME, is a decades-old family run venture.  The Sewall family stresses natural simplicity and preservation of the island, and are proud to show off their woodlands and expansive tidal pools.  Guided bird watching tours and trail hikes through the natural habitats of island animals are part of the daily activities.

Amenities on the island include seaside camp sites, warm showers, some flush toilets, and dry vault toilets.  This past summer Hermit Island introduced its first Clivus restroom to replace some of the vault toilets and reduce water usage and waste produced by the flushing toilets.  The new restrooms are odor-free, clean, and eliminate polluting discharge.  Hundreds of gallons of water are saved daily, and the solid waste will be turned into soil-like humus to be used in native plantings around the campground.

We must preserve and protect this fragile ecosystem for future generations to enjoy!!

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