Haverhill High School

The sports fields at Haverhill High School are a good distance from the school, making it difficult for athletes and spectators to reach a restroom. Oftentimes the school is locked during after-hours games, leaving visitors with no option at all. Recent renovations and upgrades to the fields provided the perfect time to add a restroom to the site.

The City of Haverhill contacted Clivus New England to provide a self-contained, naturally sustainable option. The C-11 Trailhead restroom uses no water and discharges no waste. Unlike a portable toilet, the interior is bright, clean, and roomy; there are no chemicals or odors and the building is ADA accessible. Installation occurred during school hours, and the unit was available for use on the same day.

The Clivus restroom at the high school is the fourth in Haverhill. Visitors to Swasey Field, Riverside Park, and Cashman Field have been using Clivus technology since 2011.

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