Camp Plymouth State Park, Vermont



Camp Plymouth State Park is a camping and recreation area in Vermont. Daily, the park sees hundreds of campers and daytime visitors who want to enjoy all the amenities: hiking, cycling, swimming, boating, and even horse camping! The State of Vermont recognized that their visitors needed extra restrooms, but did not want much disruption to the landscape, nor did they want to inconvenience their guests with extended construction.

Clivus New England was able to provide composters to be used in conjunction with custom-designed and engineered buildings commissioned from Cushman Design Group out of Stowe. The result was beautiful, rustic, single stall restrooms supported on composting system foundations, and the shallow excavation was limited to the area of each small building. The systems are “closed” and self-contained, require no water, are chemical-free, have solar powered ventilation, and eliminate all discharge of waste to the environment.

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