Appalachian Mountain Club: New Sustainable Bathhouse at Noble View


Throughout its 350+ year history the Appalachian Mountain Club has been a role model for land conservation and natural resource preservation.  It is only fitting that that new bathhouse at AMC Noble View in Russell, MA, reflects these sustainable qualities while reaching out to a broader population of visitors.  Featured green technologies include solar power, radiant heat, natural daylighting, Perc-Rite drip dispersal for greywater, and Clivus composting waste treatment.

Located in central Massachusetts Noble View is a convenient alternative for persons who love the outdoors but are not “campers”, and who prefer a less remote destination.  With offerings of hiking trails, canoe streams, cross country skiing, and camping areas most visitors stay for several hours if not overnight.   There are hot showers, dish washing sinks,  potable water, and modern restrooms.

The new bathhouse utilizes Nepon 3-ounce Foam-Flush Toilets and Clivus composting technology by Clivus New England to reduce water usage and wastewater by 97%.  Liquid from the composters is a pre-treated effluent that is sent to a holding tank to be pumped off and taken away by a licensed septage hauler, making the system “zero discharge”.  All solid waste is treated and reduced by 95% in the composting chamber where it becomes pathogen-free humus to be recycled in ornamental planter beds or back out in the forest.  Since water and solid waste are so drastically minimized the Clivus composting waste treatment system made it possible to greatly reduce the size of the septic system, resulting in preservation of land and of the natural surroundings.

printable case study

  • Engineering by Tighe & Bond, Westfield, MA
  • Architecture by Kuhn-Riddle Arechitects, Amherst, MA
  • Perc-Rite greywater system distributed by Oakson, Inc., Gloucester, MA