Residential Project Cost Estimates

By completing this questionnaire we will have the necessary information to determine a site-specific composting toilet system design, which will provide proper operation with a minimal amount of maintenance. A budgetary estimate and specifications for the composter, toilet fixtures, and related components will then be sent to you.

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1. Remediation or Remodeling of Existing Residence:
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2. Current number of bedrooms:
  Number of bedrooms when completed:
3. Primary Residence:
  Season of use:
4. Number of toilet fixtures needed:
5. Toilet fixture location(s)
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6. Water available:
Electricity available:
7. Is there a basement:
If "yes" please continue:
Basement ceiling height:
Lowest headroom:
Number of interior doorways in basement:
Doorway dimensions:
Is the basement heated:
Is it a crawl space:
8. Can a traditional septic system be used:
If "no", please explain:
9. For an existing residence, current waste treatment system in place (i.e. sewer, cesspool, septic system, etc.):
10. Are there any environmental issues to address (Nitrogen levels, wetland, aquifer, etc.):
11. Name of engineering firm:
12. Why do you want to utilize a Clivus composting system (i.e. current system in failure, requested by Board of Health, to solve a problem, "green", etc.):
13. Optional:
How did you hear about Clivus?